New pricing in UP!

Dear friends,

New pricing grid becomes effective in UP! starting from the 20th of Septermber. On behalf of the our team we would like to explain the reasons of change to our visitors.

Despite the fact the gym was open for visiting for some time already  untill very recent time we were still in situation of construction works completion and operational processes tuning. At this point we are ready to state that our gym is fully functional and our visitors can enjoy comfort level, quality of service we initially envisioned. From our side we commit to

  • Provide optimal climate conditions for visiting and training including temperature and ventilation
  • Regulary refresh our holds and routes
  • Conform to highest cleanness standards in the changing rooms, climbing and lounge zones
  • Conform to the stated opening hours
  • Provide good quality training in our climbing school
  • Take your feedback into accout and ensure propper in time reaction on customer complaints
If you wish to continue receiving listed services on summer prices you could buy our subscriptions till 20th of September.
 Entry Type Category Time Adults Students and Children
Singe entry evening weekday 17.00 – 22.00 60 60
daytime weekday 09.00- 17.00 40 30
weekend 60 60
10 visit card evening weekday 17.00 – 22.00 540 540
daytime weekday 09.00- 17.00 350 250
Full Subscription 1 month any time 500 400
3 month any time 1300 1000
1 Year any time 3500 2600
Daytime Subscription 1 month daytime weekday 09.00- 17.00 300 250
3 month daytime weekday 09.00- 17.00 700 570
1 Year daytime weekday 09.00- 17.00 1900 1500
Rent shoes any time 20 15
shoes and climbing gear any time 25 20
Instructor guidance any time 25 25

Groups and Individual Training

 Entry Type Category Time Adults Student and Children
Group with Trainer Single Entry evening weekday 17.00 – 22.00 70
Single Entry weekend 70
Single Entry daytime weekday 08.00- 17.00 50
10 visit card any time 600
1 month subscription any time 600
Children Group ith Trainer Single Entry daytime weekday 9.00-22.00 weekends 60
10 visit card daytime weekday 08.00- 17.00 and weekends 500
Individual Training with Trainer evening weekday 17.00 – 22.00 and weekends 200
daytime weekday 09.00- 17.00 150

UP is open!

Dear friends,

We are glad to inform you that starting from the 6th of July bouldering gym UP! is open. We thank you for support we felt all the time and we wait all of you in our gym.

For some time the gym will work in a test mode as some work will still be done and our schedule may slightly change. Of course we will notify any changes in schedule and opening times in advance.

We hope you like our gym. If you have anyy question please send your feedback and call us or better come to our gym and speak to us directly.

Sincerely yours,
UP! team.

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Up! Opening is Shifted

Dear Friends,
We are sorry to inform you that we were not able to complete all construction works in time by the announced date of the 25th of June. We are already very close to finish line and completion of remaining works will take no more than one week.
We apologize for delay and do everything possible to open our gym as soon as possible.
UP! team.

“UP!” opens on the 25th of June

Recently we received a lot of question on our climbing gym opening date.

We should admit that coordination of all the necessary construction works even for a small gym is not that simple as it may seem and our plans were amended several times already due to certain reasons.

Today based on audit of all the ongoing construction works we could announce the final opening date. “Up!” will open on 25th of June

We apologize for delay and looking forward to see you in our gym.

Why go to UP! ?

As UP! Opening is becoming closer it is a good time to reveal some more details on concept we put into our child. In other words what people may expect from visiting UP! and what is new if any we could offer to our visitors.

Whole project was inspirited with a two key wishes

  • To build bouldering hall of truly European level based on what we have seen and experienced
  • To deliver climbing facilities friendly for novices so that our gym promotes new in Ukraine and game changing idea of bouldering as generally accessible sport

By being friendly to novice we mean that nobody regardless climbing level will leave the gym disappointed, frustrated without visible achievement. We want to ensure that everyone find challenges up to him. With all said we offer

  • Prebuilt set of routes of varying complexity each route consists of holds of one color.
  • Complexity color coding
  • Balancing of routes complexity levels
  • Constant renovation of routes approximately 10-15 % every month

Here is preliminary planned routes complexity distribution. Of course colored routes should not in any from restrict experienced climbers creativity in inventing interesting “cross color” routes for themselves. Please note that complexity is given in a bouldering scale so you need to add half of category to conform it to regular climbing complexity scale.

Complexity Mark up  color % Approx. routes number
< 5b white 10 10
5b – 5c yellow 20 20
5c+ – 6a+ green 25 25
6a+ – 6b+ blue 20 20
6c – 7a red 15 15
>7a black 10 10

Other innovative aspect is that we don’t position ourselves as exclusively climbing place. We foresee UP! as a community center where people stay longer, share achievements and experiences, find friends and speak to each other. We want UP! to be driven forward by its visitors, their ideas and views on ideal bouldering hall. For this we institute number of channels to speak to our audience and gather a feedback including our Facebook page, this site and direct communication to everyone having something to do with UP! We appreciate your feedback and looking forward to you becoming our friends and partners.

Well, come on in…

We are a team of people who had a dream to create perfect climbing hall. The climbing hall we envisioned is a place equally comfortable and nice for both newcomers and professionals, the place anyone could receive help and guidance, find friends, trainers and climbing partners, read books and share experience, at least have fun and good time while watching climbing friends.

Now we are transforming our dream into reality and you could track our progress here ttp://

Our goal is to create more than another fithness club, but a community of co-minded people found of climbing and outdoor, looking for new experiences and self development. We believe we have something to offer to anyone

– Individual and group learning courses for newcomers and professionals

– Good cooperation terms for professional trainers and climbers

– Interesting events indoor and outdoor

– Climbing club to find friends

Climbing is not activity for “chosen” this is safe, healthy and developing sport for everyone, the best way to strengthen your body, relax your mind and get rid of stress after hard time at work.

With all said we are very interested in what  you think and  greatly appreciate your feedback.

Welcome to UP! See you all there!

Opening Soon!

It is high time of construction works in our gym. At the moment ventilation systems and second floor frames are mounted. Climbing zone shapes are also becoming dimly visible on the photos below.

Зона лазанья

Еще один ракурс на конструкции

Панорама зала